First Semester College Freshmen Cards

First Semester College Freshmen Cards


Support your first time college student with REAL mail.  Students these days receive few, if any, actual correspondence in their college mailboxes.  Surprise them by sending a postcard from Bloomer University once a week.  Each colorful card contains an academic and/or self-care tip:  the importance of making friends quickly, reading and notetaking strategies, accessing campus resources, how to study on a deeper level, time management, etc...  Most importantly, students will receive frequent reminders regarding the pitfalls of multitasking and the importance of intentionally creating space for a digital disconnect.  Best of all, YOU may remain anonymous (our children often do not listen to us) or Bloomer U will send your student a gift card, mentioning your purchase of the Bloomer mailouts. To order, please contact for purchase details.  Have your student's college address ready to send.  


Email for payment methods:

Call:  214-242-0367

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