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The Social Dilemma, a must-see documentary that should scare people into action.

In his award-winning film, Jeff Oslowski chronicles the intentional design of addictive tech by creators who failed to consider the unintended consequences (societal problems turned emergencies) now facing our country and the world: increasing mental health issues, lack of privacy, manipulated media feeds, fake news, the need for instant gratification, attention deficit, self-image problems, product promotion/ consumer control, isolation, and a slew of other issues drastically affecting our world. Most interesting is the fact that former designers now are warning "users" about the monsters they have created, the existential threat of truth in an age of falsehoods and conspiracy theories. Tristan Harris, former design ethicist at Google who left the company to create The Center for Humane Technology, explains how "clicks and likes" have literally caused people to live in various realms of realities, or what many view as alternative universes. No wonder dissension prevails and tears at the fiber of our collective soul. Perhaps most disturbing is that people are completely unaware they've "been had"...rather, "we've been had."

The depressing result: "The genie is out of the bottle." It's too late. Or is it? This documentary offers the everyday person a glimpse into the grim world of the Silicon Valley, big tech, AI, and the algorithms that control users. I recommend this cautionary tale to all. this with your kids, especially if they have seen Pixar's thought-provoking Inside Out. The Social Dilemma! See it ASAP!

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