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High school seniors? College Bound?

Attending college requires a huge time and financial commitment. Protect your investment by being as prepared as possible on DAY ONE of your first college semester. Come learn about the many ways YOU can prepare for this success NOW before you attend your first college class.

  • COLLEGE 101: How to be successful; the difference between high school & college; self-advocacy

  • Time & money management; finding balance

  • Study tips, note taking, organization, classroom strategies, engagement, using resources

  • Digital distractions/management

  • Stress management, mindfulness, & social-emotional strategies

  • Healthy diet and exercise

Troubling statistics show that earning a high school diploma does not always prepare a student for college. In fact, a 2016 Texas Education Agency Performance Report showed that only 35% of students statewide are college ready. Also, according to recent statistics published in the U. S. News and World Report, “as many as 1 in 3 college freshmen won’t make it back for sophomore year.” Why? Students find themselves faced with academic problems, financial strains, self-regulation issues, & incredible stress, among other concerns. I care deeply for students and their success, and will be offering multiple programs for graduating high school seniors transitioning to colleges and universities. After 30 years of collegiate teaching, I am launching BLOOMER UNIVERSITY and a special prep course, H2C THRIVE, in effort to assist students as they transition from high school to college. Don’t become part of the staggering statistics.


$10.00 for Graduating Senior. Parents PLEASE attend with your graduate, free of charge.

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