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Covid -19

During these surreal times, take a look at what is really important. Although I long to be back among my friends, family, colleagues, and students, I consider myself one of the lucky ones during this pandemic. Hunkered down for the long haul, I have chosen to view this terrible, world-wide situation as a gift, rather than a curse. I am not teaching this summer and will use this time to improve myself, to learn more, to write more, to contemplate solutions for real-world problems, and to again attempt to become my very best self. Yes! I know people who have had the Covid virus, as well as two who have succumbed to the illness, so I am in no way dismissing their seriousness of the coronavirus or undermining the threat to us all. Acutely aware of the long-standing equity issues once again brought to the forefront of society due to the recent pandemic, I remain hopeful that good and right will arise from these challenging times. Yes! I am one of the lucky ones who sincerely respects and owes a huge debt to those on the front line, those essential workers who have no choice but to protect and serve, to stand and deliver. Thank you all!

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