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Our Mission   

Bloomer University seeks to add a positive dimension to the academic experiences of pre-college and college students, faculty, advisors, and administrators. By incorporating positivity, humor, mindfulness, metacognitive skills and social emotional learning into their academic experiences, both students and educators will benefit. Bloomer University is dedicated to enhancing the ways teachers teach and the ways students learn, thereby encouraging success and completion while adding life enhancing skills to the repertoires of all involved.

This venture, inspired by many students, holds the name of only one, Mr. Christopher Bloomer. Chris, a student in my college

writing class in the very early 1990s, challenged me to become the kind of teacher I wanted to be. I kept him in mind, wondering where he was and how and what he was doing. Twenty plus years later, Mr. Bloomer appeared at my office door one afternoon, unannounced, to share with me his many accomplishments. Educators may not earn great sums of money, but the intrinsic rewards remain priceless. I dedicate Bloomer University to my former student, Christopher Bloomer, and to all other students in life trying to find their paths. Best of luck to all of us as we make the everyday choices that propel us forward into the future!  

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